Fjord & Glacier Tour from Bergen


On this tour you can experience coastal and fjord landscapes and Bøyabreen glacier on the same day. Your journey starts in Bergen, and you can enjoy the wonderful coastal landscape among islands, islets and rocks, as well as the world-famous long stretch of Sognefjorden on your way to Balestrand. 
On your arrival at Balestrand – a village that is a favourite among artists – you change to a smaller sightseeing boat that takes you further into the idyllic Fjærlandsfjorden to Fjærland. From here the trip continues by bus to the Norwegian Glacier Museum where you can learn about the history and the “inner life” of the glacier. A spectacular film by Ivo Caprino about Jostedalsbreen glacier is shown at the museum.

From the Norwegian Glacier Museum the tour continues up to Bøyabreen glacier – a branch of Jostedalsbreen glacier. Here there’s time to take a few photos and to see how the glacier presses itself into the landscape. The bus returns to Fjærland quay, and the sightseeing boat takes you back to Balestrand. The trip back gives you the chance to reflect on the fact that these fjords were shaped several thousand years ago by ice. 

Upon arrival at Balestrand the express boat will take you back to Bergen.

This Tour includes:
Boat ticket from Bergen to Balestrand, T/R, departure from Strandkaiterminalen.
Boat ticket from Balestrand to Fjærland, T/R, departure from same quay.
Bus ticket, Glacier bus.
Entry for the Norwegian Glacier museum.
Departure From Bergen 08:00, arrival Balestrand 11:55 ( ship company:Norled).
Departure from Balestrand 12:00, arrival Fjærland 13:40 ( ship company: Glacier Tour).
Bus departs from the quay side at 13:45, with return from Brevasshytta at 15:05.
45 min. stop at Norwegian Glacier museum, 25 min. stop at Brevasshytta, with view to Bøyabreen.
Departure from Fjærland 15:20, arrival Balestrand 16:50. ( ship company: Glacier Tour).
Departure from Balestrand 16:55, arrival Bergen 20:45 ( ship company:Norled).

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