Glacier bus tour

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Brebussen in Fjærland takes You on a tour to Bremuseet, Bøyabreen (Supphellebreen) and back to Fjærland.

For those who travel on a full day tour, the bus goes to both glaciers!. At Bøyabreen You will find Brevasshytta, where You can buy food and souvenirs. On the first trip there is also plenty of time to visit Bokbyen in Mundal before the boat returns to Balestrand and Hella. At Fjærland Fjordstue Hotel you can have lunch or coffee at Kaffistova, which has homemade food.

In high season the guide is included in the price.

Timetable for the brebussen in Fjærland  ( Norwegian text)

The bus corresponds with the boat back to Balestrand.

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